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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative UNITED CARIBBEAN TRUST- school wish list

School damaged by Ivan Following damage assessment in the schools of Carriacou, United Caribbean met with the principals of the schools. It was agreed that the concept of Barbados and Trinidad schools twinning or adopting a school in Carriacou and Grenada was an excellent idea.

Carriacou schoolWith that in mind, the United Caribbean team documented the pupils, their schools and the damages sustained, in order to set a framework on which we could build. Lists of schools' needs for supplies to be donated are posted on

Schools may be helped by their counterparts throughout the Caribbean.

Bougles school in the Methodist Church hallSome schools are linked to local churches,(ie. Anglican, Roman Catholic and Methodist). These organisations will be approached to encourage the youth in Barbadian churches to become involved in this very special 'School Twinning Programme'

Chat rooms between the twinned schools could produce a modern day 'pen pal' arrangement as teachers felt this exercise could be integral to students' IT training.

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3.Photo Copier
4.Play equipment
5.CD Player

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1. Furniture for students and teachers
2. Three (3) tents for classrooms
3. No water in tank because of leaking roof, damage spouting and guttering
4. Windows for original building
(110 sets of Aluminum) size: Length - 54` 5`` Width - 30` 7``
5. Rebuilding of Tuck Shop
6. Equipment for Tuck Shop
7. Electronic Projector, Lap Top (Computer) and educational software,
tape recorder, CD player.
8. Sewing Machines and materials for Clothing and Textiles
9. Technical Drawing and Construction room, tools and equipment.
10. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology Apparatus, Chemicals for
Chemistry, light microscope etc.).

Some problems were further compounded after the passage of Hurricane Ivan.

Harvey Vale SchoolWISH LIST-


1. Furniture - 50 chairs and tables
2. Chalk board paint
3. Food items for our School Feeding Program
4. Bristol board and markers -all colours
5. Sponges for bed - foam
6. Used toys

Our intermediate List
1. Refurbishment of school building
2. Proper toilet facilities

Our long term list
1. Fencing of school property
2. Computer lab with about 10 computers

Dover Government SchoolWISH LIST-


1. Sporting equipments
2. Markers & crayons
3. Posters & charts
4. Maps of the Caribbean
5. Educational games & CD's
6. Educational puzzles
7. Story books
8. Calculators
9. Paper Scissors
10. Glue & tape

As a disaster shelter
1. Flashlights
2. Radio
3. Lanterns
4. First Aid Kit

Things in need of repair
1. Roofing
2. Windows
3. Toilet
4. Electrical wiring

Carriacou schoolWISH LIST-


Immediate Needs:
(1) Water supply
(2) Ventilation in the Community Office
(3) Additional Staff
(4) Furniture for Students and Staff
(5) School Supplies: Chalk, registers, dusters, books, paper, cartridge for photocopier, toilet tissues, first- aid supplies

Long Term:
(1) computer and printer
(2) Library Books
(3) Encyclopaedia
(4) Wall Charts and Maps
(5) Any other items necessary for Educational Purposes

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