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Heal a Hurting Heart - Phunziro #13

(To be translated)

By the end of this lesson the child should be able to:

• Rejoice with Joseph as he is reconnected with his father. Genesis 46:1-7; 28-30
• Celebrate life and relationships
• Thank God for people they love
• Know Jesus goes with them everywhere
• Be encouraged by thinking about their good qualities

DOWNLOAD Chichewa Lesson #13

(Hand sanitization for each child, please ensure masks are worn, and the children have individual crayons for arts and crafts)

Optional: Get the children to draw a picture of when they had a family reunion, identifying the members of their family.

GOOD AND BAD BOOKLET: Children can be given several small squares of coloured construction paper. Hole punch the side or corner of the papers and tie together with string, ribbon or yarn. Let children write words or draw pictures on the paper a difficult thing that they might have faced or something that GOD forgives them for, on the other side write all the GOOD things in life that GOD has blessed us with each day.



Supplies needed:
• White paper, pencils, crayons.
• Coloured construction paper, string or ribbons.
• Two fruit eg grapefruit, orange etc.
• Print map and colouring page.
• Coloured cloth wraps and head ties for Joseph and all his brothers and father.
• Print out musical lyrics.
• Print YES and NO signs
• Print Bible Verse Visual Aids get five children to colour them before class begins.
• Print the 'World's Greatest Dad Award'
• Print the English 'Activity Book'
• Print the 'Take Home Bible Memory Verse'
• Print Chapter #13 'And Puppy' one for each child.

1. GAMES: (10 minutes)
Have one child lie on his or her back. Then have another child lie with his or her head on the other child’s belly. Have the remaining kids lie down with their heads resting on another child’s belly.

Choose one person to start the game by shouting, “Ha!” The next person will shout, “Ha, ha!” and each child continues to add a “ha” as they work around the group. Sooner or later the group will burst into laughter, with heads bouncing off bellies with joy.

(This game may not be suitable Post COVID 19 Crisis)

Let kids take turns telling a funny story or joke. Tell kids that God wants us to experience joy with our family every day through fun and laughter

2. TEAM GAMES: (10 minutes)
Form two circles. One child passes an orange to the right around the circle. Another child will pass an orange to the left around the other circle. The key to this game is that kids can’t pass the fruit with their hands. Kids can use their feet, elbows, or knees to pass the fruit. If the fruit is dropped start the game again. Play until the fruit goes around the circle. The first circle to finish is the winner, share the fruit amounts the children. Share how important it is to work together.

3. ACTIVE PRAISE CHORUS (10 minutes)

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP (5 minutes)
Optional: Download 'Ondikonda'
Optional: Download 'Malawi Gospel Music, Mtendere, Mthawira Spiritual melodies' video

a. Review (5 minutes)

Remember last week we learnt that Joseph ended up in jail. Give two children the YES and NO signs, these can be held up after each question.

Did the head jailer like Joseph? (Yes)
Did he place someone else charge of all the other prisoners? (No)
Was Joseph able to interpret dreams? (Yes)

Was Joseph was stuck in jail for five years. (No)
Did Pharaoh released Joseph from jail to build the pyramids? (No)
Did Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of the entire land of Egypt. (Yes)

Joseph and his brothers must have had one big party when they finally got together and put the past behind them.

Optional: Download English ‘Joseph’ Reunion’ Video


b. Learn a Bible Verse (5minutes)

#1. Ndipo Yosefe anamanga galeta lake nakwera kunka kukakomana naye Israele atate wake, ku Goseni.

Genesis 46: 29a

Optional: DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Visual Aids

b. Learn a Bible Verse (5minutes)

#2. Ndipo anadzionetsera yekha kwa iye, nagwera pakhosi pake nakhala m'kulira pakhosi pake.

Genesis 46: 29b

Optional: DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Visual Aids

(Dramatize the teaching using Visual Aid and map.)

Optional: Download Map

c. Teach the Lesson (15 minutes)

Optional: DOWNLOAD Lesson #13 Visual Aids

Sometimes it seems that the devil is in control especially when we look at the early life of Joseph however God is in control and what the devil meant for evil God turned around for good.


Bible Read: Genesis 46:1-7; 28-30

Optional: Download 'Nkhani ya Yosefe Part 8" Bible Verse video

Opportunity is how God respond to leaders who place their hope in him. But hope without faithfulness is futile. God gave Joseph the opportunity of a life time because he remained faithful to both God and man even when he was placed under literally unbearable pressure,

Preparation is the price we pay to become great leaders. Joseph was only 16 years old when his brothers sold him to the Ishmaelite traders. The Pharaoh appointed him as the Governor of Egypt when he was thirty.

God spent 14 years just preparing his chosen leader. Preparation takes time and let us be patient and not lose heart during the most difficult stages of our preparation.

Optional: Download English ‘Joseph’ Reunion’ Video

Sometimes bad things happen to us but God is able to turn these things around for our good.

Remember in your struggle when you are down to nothing God is up to something. Every event in your life has been ordained by God and will contribute to your "palace experience." If Joseph’s brothers never threw him into a pit, if the Midianites had travelled to Egypt another route Joseph would never have been sold to Potiphar’s house. Suppose Potiphar’s wife had not made a play for him, he never would have been put in prison and he never would have met the chief butler who recommended him to the Pharaoh. He never would have been called to the Palace where he was instrumental in saving his family and the whole known world from starvation.

Your life may be taking some strange twists and turns but the One who holds your tomorrows is in control.

You will arrive at your "Palace Experience"

Paul tells the Roman church 'Ndipo tidziwa kuti amene akonda Mulungu zinthu zonse zithandizana kuwachitira ubwino'

Read: Aroma 8:28

Optional: Download Aroma Visual Aid'


The Story Teller and 'Scruffy' the sock puppet read "And Puppy' Chapter 13 Daddy

Download Chapter 13 of ‘And Puppy

Optional: Download Chichewa 'And Puppy' Bible Verses

Discussion: The importance of having a daddy or a father figure in your life.

God used this time of difficulty to build character in Joseph. List some of these virtues... (The ability to forgive, Integrity, Honesty, Faithfulness, Patience, Endurance, Faith, Trust in God, Wisdom, Revelation, Leadership etc)

Get the children to give brief examples as they mention some of them.

What do you have to thank God for? The people who love you? The chance to do things that you enjoy? A safe place to live even if it is a tent, water in the tap, food (rations), generator /light, your bed, your friends, your Mum and Dad, school even if it is in a tent, thank God for your life and survival.

CLOSING PRAYER: Father, we thank You for our opportunity to look at the life of Joseph, it's so important for us to know not only Your purposes for Your people Israel, but Your control over lives and destinies. We surrender to you in Jesus name.


Optional: Download English ‘Activity Book'

DownloadTake Home Memory Verse’ #1

DownloadTake Home Memory Verse’ #2

Optional: DownloadWorld's Best Dad ’ Award

Optional: Download Chapter 13 of ‘And Puppy

NEXT WEEK: We will learn about a river



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