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Dontho la Chiyembekezo - Malawi

MALAWI a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, is defined by its topography of highlands split by the Great Rift Valley and enormous Lake Malawi.

  • Karonga
  • Uluwa


1. Karonga

Pastor Sam is our KIMI Karonga Coordinator, Pastor Sam, a retired Principle of a school is committed to teaching children the meat and deeper truths of God's Word by going beyond the basic Bible stories.

These Bible Stories will be taught in our Introductory Child Evalgelism 'Go and Grow' curriculum, our 'Sowing Seeds of Success' and the 'Super Fruit' agricultural curriculum, these will enable us to get our 'foot in the door' to many schools, then progressing to the KIMI curriculum, all to be translated into the different languages.

An English version with CHICHEWA visual aids has been created, awaiting translation for the children of Malawi.

Equipping the children for the work of the ministry and creating an atmosphere and opportunities where they can experience the presence of God on a regular basis.

All of our Child Ministers involved in our KDT will be trained in the School of Supernatural Children's Ministry

ATBS has a chapter in Karonga and with the numerous Primary Schools it is an ideal location to launch our Malawi 'Drop of Hope School Project'

Working in association with one of our Goshen Africa Glamping Mission Holiday Malawi lakeside destinations.

Such as the Resort on the northern shores of Lake Malawi, the Chitimba Camp is for sale. Chitimba is a village situated 122 km south of the Malawi/Tanzania border at Karonga ideally located to our 'Drop of Hope School Project' at Karonga.

The lodge/campsite is set on a beautiful golden sandy beach, amongst banana palms and papaya trees, surrounded by the famous Livingstonia and Nyika mountains.

Malawi Real Estate

Activities include day hikes to Manchewe Falls, Livingstonia and Mount Chombe.

Surrounded by lush rainforest in Livingstonia, Manchewe Falls is the highest waterfall in Malawi at 125 metres high.

2. Uluwa

Further seeds have been sown in other ATBS Centres including Pastor Morris Mzenga the Vuwa ATBS Chairperson and Pastor Mweuka the Uluwa ATBS Secretary.

Backed up by other leaders like Pastor William Silwimba (left) trained at the Uluwa KIMI leadership training along with our translator Pastor Gowokani Mangogo (right) flanked in the middle by our UCT Tanzania Representative Bishop David Akondowi.


French Lingala
French Creole
Sowing Seeds of Success Shona




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