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Maureen Bravo ~ August 21, 2002

The Caribbean The island nations of the Caribbean are God’s “precious jewels”…His “pearls”. They contain many of His beloved lost children, and He is waiting for them to be led into His loving arms! At this very hour, intercessors are being alerted to rise up and stand in the gap for those intended to serve in this mission field.

Many who are called to represent Him there have literally abandoned their homelands. Although they say that their hearts ache for their loved ones left behind, and they are working and sending money back home, in truth, their minds have become focused on fulfilling their own desires, and are intent on getting whatever this nation can provide for them. The void from their departure has left their families and nations to the designs of darkness…and in the hands of those who serve it.

Once here, with soon-to-be-expired visas and unable to “see” the benefit in going back home, they decide to remain in the USA (illegally). The deceive themselves, believing that God will bless them even as they are breaking His law. They justify their choices, countering any disagreement by asking how anyone could expect them to return to a place where it’s impossible to provide for their families or have any hope for a future.

“Jonah-like”, each has rationalized his behavior…and gone his own way! Many are in turmoil, cast into the “sea” of self …swallowed up by something much larger than themselves…and doomed in their disobedience. But the Lord intends to use these reluctant prophets, evangelists, apostles to set the captives free. As they come to their senses, repent, then obey God and return, He will be their source for all that they and their families need. They will “see” His purposes revealed as His hand moves, and massive numbers of conversions take place!

Oh, if only they knew the joy of what was being set before them, it would be no effort to enlist them in His service. They are to be the instruments that will enable true worshippers to release His songs over the islands, silencing and bringing an end to the “dirges of death” which are now being heard!

Kenneth Copeland prophacy

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