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Maureen Bravo

Maureen Bravo is a woman on a mission! Be it “Mission Orlando”, "Mission Florida" or “Mission World”…she is working for unity and praying for the transformation of cities, states, and nations!

She serves the Lord joyfully while discipling new believers, mentoring emerging leaders, and training, equipping and preparing those who want to serve together in the Body of Christ.

Whether teaching youth, training intercessors, leading worship, facilitating reconciliation, or directing the lost to Christ, Maureen delights in serving the Lord and ministering to His people!

Maureen is the Founder / Executive Director of Resources Unlimited International, Inc. and the Founder / Facilitator of the Intercessory Prayer Network of Central Florida (IPNCF) and the extended Intercessory Prayer Network of Florida (IPNFL). Modeling "The Changing Face of Intercession”, Maureen brings together intercessors from across the various streams to pray for their cities (Jeremiah 29:7), and undergird conferences, events and prayer initiatives (ie. Promise Keepers, Exodus International, Mission America, Global Pastors Prayer Conferences, National Marketplace Prayer Summit, GodsMission, Women of Faith, National Day of Prayer, March for Jesus, the Get Motivated Seminars, Orlando Festival with Luis Palau).

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Mary, pregnant with Jesus, went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John. As she approached Elizabeth, the PRESENCE of Christ within Mary's womb caused a quickening / an activation of the life of God within the womb of Elizabeth. Her unborn child, John, was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit!

Like the grave that would one day be a temporary resting place for her Son, there was no way Mary could possibly contain "What" had been placed within her. The Son of God was conceived in her womb in order to come forth into this world. His life was meant to be shared with each and every one of us! Emmanuel, God with us!
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Intercessors… the forerunners of transformation!

They are the unsung heroes and heroines in the Body of Christ…the ones who willingly “stand in the gap”.

They are “watchmen” who take their positions on the wall… and stand at their stations, vigilantly maintaining an eye on the horizon, while guarding their city and its people!

They are “warriors” who break through barriers in the spirit realm… and stand and occupy a “space” until those who are called to that “arena” can take their rightful places!

They are “worshippers” who brush aside every hindrance to intimacy …and stand transfixed by the Lover of their souls, adoring and communing with Him in the beauty of His holiness.

They are His!

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Changing the Nation

How often of late have my thoughts, writings and prayers been flowing with unrestrained affection for the nations. There is a more intense stirring within me than I have ever felt before, as I apprehend the passion that the Father has for His lost and dying children, everywhere in the world. As He has done in the past, I believe He is preparing me to travel to those places He is stirring me about! JOY!

Whenever thoughts of Africa flood my heart, Dr. Michael Cassidy of South Africa quickly comes to mind! So many times I have thought of our “divine appointment” and the time we shared at the God's Mission Conference in Orlando last year. It blessed my life to have that “chance meeting” with him; since that day, the Lord has continued to draw my attention to his beloved continent!

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