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Resources Unlimited International, Inc - Barbados 2007

“Networking the Body of Christ for the Glory of God”

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ in Barbados,

Maureen Bravo, of RUII (Resources Unlimited International, Inc.)
My name is Maureen Bravo, of RUII (Resources Unlimited International, Inc.) I and one of our prayer teams will be in Barbados from January 25th - February 5th, 2007. I am hoping that you will be available so that we can meet and pray with you, and members of your ministry team.

We are a team of four: two from Tallahassee, FL (Margaret Alleyne and Barbara Holloway) and two from Orlando (Jackie Taylor and myself). Margaret is from Barbados, and it was Margaret's heart for her nation and its people that touched my heart when she asked if we might take a team there.

The team seen here with Pastor Pearson and Rev James Medford of Operation Intercession at the Gospel FM radio station


Lifting the world in a net of prayer

Lifting the world in a net of prayer

I said, "YES"... as God had already been allowing me to "see" many of the nations of the Caribbean through His eyes, and this particular invitation was a confirmation that it was now time to go.

Maureen Bravo and Pastor Pearson at the west coast office!

Maureen seen here at Restoration Ministries International

Maureen seen here at Restoration Ministries International 'Close Encounter' service on Friday night

CLICK to follow the team around the island

There is much work to do everywhere in this world, but I have been sensing a special call to your region at this hour in our history. The Lord gave me a word for the Caribbean a little over four years ago. When asked to go to Barbados, what the Lord had shown me came flooding back. --- God's eyes are scanning the Caribbean. He is sending His servants - with an "anointing of love" - throughout the island nations, to prepare His people to release the love, devotion and worship that has been stored that is due Him! He will receive it joyfully from His children dwelling there, and cause it to resound throughout the region.
Lifting the world in a net of prayer
Maureen seen here at Restoration Ministries International

Think of it! Just imagine what it would sound like to hear the song of the Lord being released from Barbados and every one of the islands of the Caribbean! (Father, set Your children free.... so they can delight Your heart!)

I am excited about possibilities to serve in Barbados.

These areas are especially close to my heart:

1- networking with the believers and congregations in the parishes; meeting with those whom you are currently nurturing, and seeing how we can further integrate, unify, encourge, equip and strengthen them for what is ahead;
2- meeting with leaders in the governmental, educational and marketplace arenas, hearing their hearts about their nation and its future, and praying for them and their ability to speak into and impact Barbados for the KINGDOM;
3- ministering to the hurting, wounded and "marginalized"...wherever we encounter them.

We are coming to speak His LOVE and LIFE into every part of your communuity. We will be networking with those from several congregations, and ministering wherever we are needed, supporting the ongoing work of the Body of Christ on the island. We intend to help build HIS church, not a ministry for ourselves.

Our mandate is to help further unify believers, to encourage, equip and network intercesssors, and call forth intimate, corporate worship of God over Barbados. This will create a "net of prayer", or prayer network, in which the island can be lifted up to God. As He is glorified, the forces of darkness will begin to lose their control / power over the people, as they are rendered ineffective, they can be served notices of eviction and displaced from the influence they once had.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about any prayer mobilization that is now taking place, as well as the overall prayer movement. I pray we can come alongside you and others in the island ministries and congregations, to flow together for God's purposes.

Yes, Lord! Give us Your strategies and let us be instrumental in facilitating Your plans!

God is amazing, isn't He? The love He has for each of us is so profound that He makes a way and establishes KINGDOM CONNECTIONS when we are simply willing to go and do as HE says! His timing is perfect, and I thank HIM for it.

May He bless you...and your nation...anew today!

Please pray for this trip

Contact details:

Maureen Carson Bravo

1566 Grace Lake Circle Suite # 100 Longwood, Florida 32750

Tel: 407-332-7286 Work 407-810-4665 Cell

Maureen seen here at Restoration Ministries International Maureen seen here at Restoration Ministries International Maureen seen here at Restoration Ministries International
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