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Stonecroft - Bible Study - Yoruba Translation

Welcome to Stonecroft Bible Studies we make the Word of God accessible to everyone, no matter where they may be on their spiritual journey.
We pray and expect that these studies will open up many opportunities for you to be equipped and encouraged to impact your community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stonecroft Bible Studies were initially designed as a means for follow-up at outreach meetings. The studies’ reach has expanded and studies are used in prisons, the workplace, churches, and other locations.

Stonecroft Bible Studies effectively blend evangelism and discipleship. The Gospel is woven through every Stonecroft Bible Study.

Each study is prepared and conducted so that those unfamiliar with God's Word can participate. References, to the Swahili Union Version New Testament, are accompanied by page numbers in the Swahili translated Bible Studies, making it easy for new beginners, who are unfamiliar with the Bible to find different verses in the books of the Bible.
Stonecroft Bible Studies are held in homes, workplaces, churches, schools and even outdoors in places like Africa.

They are formatted to cover both topical studies and books of the Bible and are available at the introductory and advanced level.

Stonecroft Bible Studies are easy to use in both small group and larger settings and offer a variety of study lengths (4-14 lessons).

Most studies include a Guidebook for the Guide to facilitate the study. The Study Book is used by each participant.

Group discussion is a key element of learning and growing together.

In most Stonecroft Bible Studies, the participants use a Study Book and the Swahili Union New Testament Bible obtained from the Tanzania Bible Society or any other translation depending upon the country.

Study groups generally meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes. If time is limited, the group often chooses to divide the lessons in half. Discussion is generated by shared answers to the questions in the Study Book and by reading Scripture.

In order to expand outreach and discipleship, it is recommended that the group look for ways to multiply so that others in the community can be impacted by the truth of God’s Word.

There are three types of Stonecroft Bible Studies:
• Introductory Studies
• Studies for Growing Christians
• Topical Studies

We encourage those who have never participated in a Stonecroft study to consider starting with an Introductory Study. ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘What is God Like?’, and ‘Where is the Holy Spirit?’ are great resources for both new believers and those seeking answers to their faith questions.

Bible Study Policy
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