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Stonecroft - Leadership - Yoruba Translation

Stonecroft's leaders share the responsibility of planning and daily management at the Home Office and in the field.

Dr. Naomi Overton President and Chief Executive Officer for Stonecroft
Dr. Naomi Overton was named the President and Chief Executive Officer for Stonecroft in September 2018 by the National Board of Directors. Dr. Overton specializes in transformational leadership, strategy development, and innovation, all with an eye on long-lasting results. She continually works to exceed expectations no matter the subject matter or organization. At Stonecroft, she will focus on the Ministry’s goal: women reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.


Doris Thompson, who served most recently as Vice President of Outreach, has been named the Vice President of Transformation. She will lead the new team alongside Director of Field Ministry Sarah LeBlanc. It will be comprised of Ministry Support, Field Ministry, and Outreach (resource development). Staff members from these areas are uniting as the Transformation Team to serve all types of Stonecroft volunteers and groups.


There are many other board and staff members many of who you will not necessarily have contact with.

Stonecroft Ministries desires to connect women to God to each other and to their communities.

Stonecroft encourages women to find creative ways to make connections with others in their communities and invite them to future Bible Studies in their village or city.

Easy to follow small-group studies breath fresh spiritual life into long- time believers or those totally new to the Bible.

Stonecroft Ministries understands and appreciates the influence of one woman’s life. When you reach a woman for Christ, you touch everyone in her community – her husband, children, friends, neighbours and co-workers.

Bishop David Akondowi, United Caribbean Trust’s (UCT) Tanzania representative and founder of the African Training Bible School (ATBS) and senior Pastor of House of Freedom – Tanzania, where UCT has establish a Women's Empowerment Sewing Project that will be the pilot project for the Stonecroft Women’s Empowerment Program (SWEP), shares with us a Tanzanian Proverb.

"In Tanzania we have a common saying which translated sounds like this ’educate a woman so that the entire society should benefit’."

Stonecroft provides encouragement and equips women to be effective in reaching their communities.

Statement of Faith
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