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Stonecroft - Directions for Guides

Directions for Guiding
Stonecroft Bible Studies

The Purpose
Stonecroft Bible Studies provide an effective way to share salvation through Jesus Christ with others. Participants are encouraged to invite friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

Discipleship—Anyone and everyone can learn more about God and grow in their relationship with Him. Stonecroft Bible Studies explain how to apply
biblical principles to everyday life.

The Uniqueness
What makes Stonecroft Bible Studies different from most other Bible studies?
• Originally the Good News New Testament was used with this Bible Study Series and page numbers were given to make finding the Bible references simple. However in Africa when many people do not have their own Bibles an Africa Bible Verse Handbook has been developed in various African languages to assist with this teaching.
• Stonecroft Bible Studies are written in an easy-to-use format for those new to Bible study.
• The Guide is a facilitator, not a Bible teacher.
• Consider becoming a Stonecroft Bible Studies Guide. The benefits include: access to online tools and resources through Leaders OnLine, the support of Stonecroft Staff, a worldwide network of local volunteer leaders, and more. E-mail for additional information.

The Logistics
Stonecroft Bible Studies are easy to guide.
Notes to the Guide, enclosed in a dotted border or italics, are intended to offer insight about the topic of study or discussion. These do not need to be read aloud.

Text which is printed inside a solid border is also in the Study Book. These
portions are to be read aloud by study participants.

Write it on the prayer requests page in the back of the Study Book as a reminder.

A series of five dots (. . . . .) indicates that the Guide is to encourage group participation by answering a question, reading a Bible verse, or discussing the topic.

Prior to the Study
• Learn the purpose, focus, and details of the study.
• Obtain the materials you will need for your study from Stonecroft Ministries
at, or e-mail, or call 800.525.8627.
• Materials needed for this study:
* Study Books
* Guidebook
* Bible or Africa Bible Verse Handbook
* Would You Believe It? booklets for those seeking a relationship with God
* Information Cards
• Find a convenient location for your study: A home, office, restaurant, park, coffee shop, etc.
• Complete each lesson by writing your answers in the Study Book before reading the Guidebook. This will help you understand the process others in your study will go through.
• Practice reading the lesson aloud. Underline the key words and phrases that will help you facilitate the lesson. Note the time needed for reading the text so you will know how much time is left for discussion during the session.
• Confirm location, time, and childcare (if needed).
• Pray for those participating in the study.

During the Study
Distribute Study Books and New Testaments and collect payment. Return
unused materials as soon as possible. Gather money for child care, if applicable.

Start the lesson with prayer. If someone voices a request, suggest that the group. Write it on the Prayer Requests page in the back of the Study Book as a reminder to pray during the week. If the request is urgent, include it in your opening prayer.

Remember that at the first session, each person will write his or her answers in the Study Book during the lesson. Encourage the group to study the lessons prior to meeting for the remainder of the study.

Read and present the information in the Guidebook in a conversational way. Study and learn with the rest of the group.

Always look for those in your group who would make good Guides for future studies.

Ask participants to think of people they can invite to another study. Encourage them to begin praying for each individual by name.

As a Guide, be an example of discretion. Discourage people from discussing things that should be kept confidential. Apart from the group setting, pray with them and encourage them to seek appropriate godly counsel.

The Guide sets the tone and pace of the study by:
• Starting and ending on time.
• Using the Guidebook and Bible or Africa Bible Verse Handbook. No other supplemental
material is needed.
• Encouraging everyone to participate in balanced group discussion.
• Keeping the focus of the study on Jesus Christ, not political or social issues.

Important Reminders
For questions or more information concerning procedures or materials, please e-mail or call 800.525.8627.

Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave, be strong.
Do all your work in love.
—1 Corinthians 16:13-14

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