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Stonecroft - Guide's Responsibilities - Yoruba Translation

The Guide’s responsibility is to lead and guide the Bible Study. As the Guide serves they have the opportunity to impact their community by introducing others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Stonecroft Bible Study Guide:
• Prays regularly for each person who will be in the Bible study.
• Begins the Bible study lesson with prayer.
• A Stonecroft Bible Study Guide is trained by a Coordinator to facilitate Stonecroft Bible Studies; stays informed and equipped on ways to improve skills as a Guide and facilitator.
• The Guide complies with Stonecroft Bible Studies policies and informs participants on how to be an effective and unified group by following the Guidelines referred to in this introductory video.
• She prepares for the group by reviewing the Study Book and Guidebook materials; she makes her group aware of the importance of confidentiality in the group and keeps the group focused on study questions and Scripture.
• A Stonecroft Bible Study Guide provides opportunities for study participants to be informed about Stonecroft Ministries and aware of the local opportunities for them to connect.
• She seeks to point participants to Scripture to find answers to faith questions. Discussion is encouraged only about what the Bible says, rather than focusing on what church doctrines or traditions teach.
• She seeks to avoid distractions and disruptions stemming from discussions about doctrinal, social, or political topics on which people and/or churches disagree.

1. The Guide must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
2. Be passionate about the transforming power of God’s Word
3. Agrees with Stonecroft Bible Study policies and guidelines
4. Communicates and works well with others
5. Has a desire for people to know God’s Word and to grow spiritually as Christians.

Initially the Pastors who were trained to be Guides will identify local Guides thoughtfully, prayerfully and strategically. Selecting key people as Guides in the communities in their region and will provide opportunities for greater expansion of Stonecroft Bible Studies.
It is important to look for the qualities in a Guide that would correspond to the positional responsibilities described in this section.

The following guidelines are helpful when considering individuals to serve as Guides:
1. Pray prior to meeting with the candidate, asking God to give both you and the candidate wisdom and discernment regarding this position.
2. Arrange a time to get acquainted with each other. Be prepared to acquaint them with Stonecroft Bible Studies and Stonecroft Ministries, if needed.
3. Focus on the areas during the interview that are included on the Stonecroft Bible Studies Application Form.
o Give information on Stonecroft Ministries—refer the Guide to:
• This Stonecroft Africa Bible Study Handbook.
• Visit Stonecrofts corporate web site for further information.
o Ask the Guide to briefly state how she trusted in Jesus Christ alone for her Salvation and give Bible verses which confirm her Salvation experience.
o Ask the Guide to describe how she would answer questions about the identity of Jesus Christ.
o Enquire of the Guide what motivated her to consider serving with Stonecroft Bible Studies.
o Check to see her willingness to work with people with varied beliefs, cultural, and denominational backgrounds
o Ask the Guide about her other activities she is involved in and what experience she has in studying God’s Word and any experience in guiding a Bible Study.
o Ensure she is familiar with Policies for Stonecroft Bible Studies and Statement of Faith
Potential Guides need to read and understand Stonecroft’s policies concerning distractions

Responsibilities of Pastor or Coordinator
• Obtains the completed Guide Application Form from the potential Guide.
• Carefully reads the completed application to gain assurance that the Guides testimony is clear.
• Prayerfully consider asking the candidate a few more questions about her relationship with Jesus Christ, such as:

1. I’d like to hear more about your journey with God. What role has Christ played?
2. If a Stonecroft Bible Study participant asked you how they could be in a relationship with Jesus Christ, how would you respond?
3. What is your understanding of the Gospel, and how would you communicate it?
You may want to consider reading through the Would You Believe It? booklet with the Guide.

Schedule a time to train the candidate as a Guide. Use the following resources:
1. This Stonecroft Africa Bible Studies Handbook
2. Directions for Guiding in the front of the Guidebook
If they have never experienced a Stonecroft study, you will need to work together through a few of the lessons in the ‘Who is Jesus? series, so they better understand what is involved.
The Pastor or Coordinator keeps the application on their files.

Remember that not everyone is ready to be a Guide. If you discern that a potential Guide is not able to focus on the core vision of Stonecroft Bible Studies and avoid controversial, social, and political issues, gently encourage her away from guiding the study; instead encourage her to participate in a study. You may want to discuss this with a regional leader or her Pastor.

After completing the Guide Training process, contact, by email, your African Stonecroft Regional Leader with the new Guide information.

The Stonecroft Regional Leader in Africa will contact Stonecroft Ministry Support America with this information. They may do this by e-mailing:

Please include the Guide’s complete mailing address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address as seen on the Bible Studies Information Card.

Upon Stonecroft’s receipt of the information, the newly selected Guide will receive a welcome e-mail, which will be translated into her native tongue, confirming her new position. Guides will also be part of the network of volunteers and can receive Stonecroft’s e-newsletter in English, and be able to access the Leaders OnLine, and other English resources from Stonecroft Ministries website.

Reporting your new Guides will assure they are identified as leaders. We consider every person who is involved valuable to your local ministry and part of reaching our world for Jesus Christ.

Equipping Guides
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