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Stonecroft - Equipping Guides - Yoruba Translation

Well-trained Guides are invaluable to the experience of people exploring faith, as well as those who have been in Bible studies for many years.

Many Coordinators send out a newsletter from time to time to keep in touch. Conference calls, if available by Skype, or other social media networks are also a great resource to keep the Guides networked in your region.

Coordinators should plan a few times a year for Bible study Guides to get together for mutual support and encouragement, as well as equipping in how to effectively facilitate Stonecroft Bible Studies.

Much is experienced through networking, prayer, sharing common concerns, as well as learning people skills and how to respond to challenging questions!
Training times for Guides can be planned with a seasonal eg Christmas gathering or fun theme eg someone’s Birthday or special Bank Holiday.

Here are some ideas to consider for Guide training events:
• A special time of prayer and fellowship
• A Scripture challenge or devotional, encouraging and thanking them for serving
• Introduction of Guides and a sharing of positive results in their studies

Time of training: i.e. how to share your testimony, multiplying the outreach in your community, introducing Stonecroft to the local church or community service organization. This also should be a time of learning from each other. Have Guides share how they invite participants, the most difficult situations they have encountered, and where they have seen God at work in the participants’ lives.

End with encouragement and a time to pray for one another.


Outreach – The studies provide an effective way to share Salvation through Jesus Christ with others.

We are looking at promoting the Stonecroft Bible Studies through the churches starting in the Africa Training Bible School (ATBS) in Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia as well as the Hope Community Centre, Kampala, Uganda.

We are believing God to also combine it with a Stonecroft Women’s Empowerment Program (SWEP) that you will learn about in more detail later. The women in SWEP will start the Sponsorship program by going through the Stonecroft Bible Study sessions in ‘Who is Jesus’

On completing SWEP they will be encouraged to become Guides, using the Africa Training video as part of their training, as well as this Booklet, enabling them to start a Bible Study in their home when they return to their villages, inviting friends, family, co-workers and neighbours.

Discipleship – New and mature Christians, such as Pastors at ATBS, can learn more about God and grow in their relationship with Him. The studies explain how to apply Biblical principles to everyday situations.

So what makes Stonecroft Bible Studies different from most other Bible studies on the market?
• The studies are designed to be used with a New Testament that is readily available through the Bible Society in Tanzania, their mandate is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging people to use the Scriptures in their day-to-day lives. The Swahili Union Version is available from the Bible Society located in Central Tanzania in the Dodoma Region. The page numbers have been adjusted in the Swahili translation of the Bible Study to match the Union Version.
• The studies are written in an easy-to-use format for those new to Bible Study.
• Remember the Guide is not a Bible teacher but is learning along with those who attend the Bible Study.

Stonecroft Bible Studies are easy to lead.
Notes to the Guide are enclosed in a dotted border in the Guidebook, they are not to be read aloud.

Texts which is printed inside a box is also in the Study Book. These portions are to be read aloud by study participants.

A series of dots (.....) indicates that the Guide is to allow the group to participate by answering a question, reading a Bible verse or discussing the topic.

Bold type Bible references followed by 5 dots, signifies a verse that is to be read aloud during the study by a member of the group.

When a reference is in regular print, it is either too long to read in the group or it is not required to obtain the answer.

Leading a class

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