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Mistari ya Biblia

Kitabu cha Mstari wa Biblia

Christianity is growing rapidly in Africa. It's estimated that by 2060, more than one in four of the world's Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa. With this church growth has come a corresponding growth in demand for the Bible.

Uganda is a country full of God’s people – 84% of the population is Christian. But many of them are without the Bible.

“The Bible is a book people crave for,” said the Bible Society of Uganda CEO, Peter Mukhama, who wants to get Bibles to everyone in his country. Most importantly, he wants the Bible to be in everyone’s heart.

Close to 50% of the population attend church but many of them cannot afford a Bible at the current price,” said Peter.

African Christians are calling out for Bibles, the need is great. You can help bring Bibles to people in Africa by making a Donation to Bible Society.

Information sourced from The Bible Society

Without a Bible it would be impossible to complete this 'Who is Jesus?' Bible Study Series, so until we can raise sponsorship to supply every African completing this Series with a Bible, we have created a Bible Verse Handbook that can be downloaded online to compliment the Stonecroft Trinity Series in Swahili.


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