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Une Goutte d'espoir - Rwanda

United Caribbean Trust (UCT) est ravi de pouvoir s'associer à des organisations internationales renommées pour introduire Le Filtre à Sable Biologique (FSB) dans les écolesaussi loin qu'en Afrique.

Dans ce contexte, l'UCT a créé un nouveau ministère «Une goutte d'espoir» pour établir des usines de production de Filtre à Sable Biologique (FSB) à travers l'Afrique.

Télécharger Goutte d'Espoir Le Filtre à Sable Biologique (FSB) Français PowerPoint

L'UCT a pour objectif de fournir de l'eau potable, de former et d'équiper les nombreuses écoles avec lesquelles nous travaillerons à travers notre organisation caritative Africaine, Bureau Africain des Disciples des Enfan, (BADE) et L'école Biblique de Formation en Afrique (EBFA)

Les pays à inclure dans le projet pilote ont été sélectionnés en raison de leur précédente formation africaine 'Kids In Ministry International' (KIMI), de leur implication dans 'L'école Biblique de Formation en Afrique' et de leurs ministères d'évangélisation sportive.


RWANDA, will be subdivided initially into three lakeshore Zones in Western Province.

  • Zone #1 South - Cyangugu
  • Zone #2 Central - Kibuye
  • Zone #3 North - Gisenyi

  • Zone #1 South - Cyangugu

A city and capital of the  Rusizi District  in  Western Province . The city lies at the southern end of  Lake Kivu , and is contiguous with  Bukavu , DR Congo, but separated from it by the  Ruzizi River . Two bridges and a dam cross the river frontier.



The settlement has two main areas:

Cyangugu is the low-density district on the lake shore, while  Kamembe , the higher density industrial & transportation centre is further inland and to the north.  Kamembe Airport  serves the city with flights 11 times a week to  Kigali .

The city lies near  Nyungwe Forest , a popular tourist destination, being one of the last remaining forest areas of Rwanda and home to chimpanzees and many other species of primate.

With the number of Primary schools in the Cyangugu area this is aother region that we are hoping to introduce the 'Drop of Hope School Project'

French curriculums with Kinyarwanda Bible Verses and Visual Aids for the children of Rwanda are being developed.


  • Zone #2 Central - Kibuye

Kibuye is a city in  Karongi District , and the headquarters of the  Western Province in Rwanda.  

Just 2 1/2 hours drive from Zone #1, Cyangugu, this is a perfect destination for a multi desitination Gospel Glamping Holiday experience.

The city lies on the eastern shores of  Lake Kivu , between  Gisenyi  in the north and  Cyangugu, in the south approximately 135 kilometres (84 mi), by road, west of  Kigali , the capital and largest city in the country.


Kibuye is known as a beach resort  and is within driving distance of two national parks.


It is home to a  genocide  memorial marking the massacre of 90% of the town's  Tutsi  population in the  Rwandan Genocide .  


With the numberous schools in the Kibuye area this is aother region that we are hoping to introduce the 'Drop of Hope School Project'

French curriculums with Kinyarwanda Bible Verses and Visual Aids for the children of Rwanda are being developed.


Zone #3 Gisenyi

Just a 2 hour drive south from Zone #2 Kibuye to Zone #3 Gisenyi.

Gisenyi , is the second largest city in Rwanda, located in the  Rubavu  district in  Rwanda's Western Providence. Gisenyi is contiguous with  Goma , the city across the border in the DR Congo.

The city features a resort on the shores of  Lake Kivu , with three sandy beaches.

April 2024 marks 30 years after the genocide in Rwanda , where nearly 1 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed within 100 days. And many hearts still need healing.

A Special French 'Heal a Hurting Heart' Post Traumatic Stress curriculum for Child Soldiers has been created to help in the healing process of the many children forced into the life of a child soldier.


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